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Ogle Madness VI: Northeast Region, Sweet Sixteen

12:26 PM EDT on March 27, 2013

I love the Sweet Sixteen. It's the name of my favorite TV show and Serge Ibaka body part.

Here are your match ups:

(1) Gary England vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian

(2) Olivia Munn vs. (3) Sweet Brown


(1) Gary England vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian


(1) Gary England

Conference: Godlike Weather Predictors

Who He Is: Some say “God”. By “some” I mean “all.”

Biggest Strengths: Not having any weaknesses.

Biggest Weaknesses: See above.

Last Game: Defeated (9) Christina Fallin 374-153



(12) Prague Valedictorian

Conference: Awesome Teens Who Will Probably Change the World

Who they are: Teen who got in trouble for saying “hell”.

Biggest Strengths: Pissed off this guy.

Biggest Weaknesses: Probably peaked in high school. Welcome to the club.

Last Game: Defeated (4) Scott Brooks 299-229



(2) Olivia Munn vs. (3) Sweet Brown

olivia munn magic mike1

(2) Olivia Munn

Conference: “Hot” girls from Oklahoma

Who She Is: Model, Actress, Spencer Hicks crush

Biggest Strengths: Is able to be super hot without anyone really being able to explain why.

Biggest Weaknesses: From what we understand, there’s an issue involving hygiene.

Last Game: Defeated (7) Wayne Coyne 407-106


sweet brown

(3) Sweet Brown 

Conference: Internet “Celebrities” Who Seem Nice

Who She Is: Sweet Brown is an OKC Resident who DOES NOT have time for Bronchitis.

Biggest Strengths: Loves Pop, Runs For Life

Biggest Weaknesses: Didn’t Grab Shoes or Nothin’, Jesus

Last Game: Defeated (11) Constance Johnson 281-240


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