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Ogle Madness VI: Midwest Region, Sweet Sixteen

Is it Wednesday afternoon? Uh, are the popes Catholic? Damn! That joke was 650 years in the making! I'd like to seem some part time blogger from the 1300's drop a joke that funny.

Here's you afternoon match ups!

(1) Joleen Chaney vs. (5) David Payne

(6) Mayor Mick Cornett vs. (10) Abigail Ogle

Abigail Ogle beat out Carrie Underwood by only eight votes. And that's what happens when you drive to eight different FedEx Kinko's to vote on an online poll. You're welcome, Abigail!


(1) Joleen Chaney vs. (5) David Payne

joleen chaney pinkdress

(1) Joleen Chaney 

Conference: Local News Vixens

Who she is: KFOR Anchor; Appeared in Sweet Brown video; Appears in Patrick’s Dreams

Biggest Strengths: Doubling up with Emily Sutton in the mornings, making Kent Ogle the Jack Tripper of morning news.

Biggest Weaknesses: Is engaged. Yeesh.

Last Game: Defeated (9) Rowdy 422-208



(5) David Payne

Conference: Former KFOR Employee

Who he is: Gary England Protegé

Biggest Strengths: Mentioned us numerous times on the air.

Biggest Weaknesses: Inability to control self when sees weather event.

Last Game: Defeated (4) Bob Stoops 341-277



(6) Mayor Mick Cornett vs. (10) Abigail Ogle

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett Oct. 5, 2010 in downtown Oklahoma City.

Conference: Bad Ass Mayors Who Get Towns Basketball Teams

Who he is: Mayor of Oklahoma City. He also sometimes plays trivia at Speakeasy.

Biggest Strengths: You do know we have an NBA team now, right?

Biggest Weaknesses: Awarding him a lifetime position as mayor isn’t a thing.

Last Game: Defeated (3) The Ogle Brothers 402-212


abigail ogle

(10) Abigail Ogle 

Conference: Ogle Humans We’d Like To be Related To

Who she is: Kevin Ogle’s Daughter and host of some thing on KSBI. Probably. Who knows.

Biggest Strengths: The Sofia Coppola of local news broadcasting and also the way she looks.

Biggest Weaknesses: I’m not sure when or where you can see her on the TV.

Last Game: Defeated (2) Carrie Underwood 325-317


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