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Please enjoy these random Oklahoma YouTube videos of people dancing

10:15 AM EST on January 15, 2013

Every now and then I search YouTube for random Oklahoma videos to post on the site. Most the videos are boring, others are funny, and some of them feature a guy like Aurelio celebrating his 18th birthday by putting on a Burger King crown and dancing the Cha Cha Slide:

Man, now I feel like going to Graham's and hitting on ugly chicks in the country bar. Or better yet, Incahoots or Cowboys or whatever it's called now on coin beer night. Is that place still open? Last time I went there about 10 years ago they had live bull riding and I think someone was shot. Typical night I guess.

Seriously, that video's just awesome. Of course, I probably think this because I've always wanted to do the Charlie Brown in a church cafeteria while my fun-hating girlfriend gives me disapproving looks from underneath a furry bear hat, but what can I say, I'm a traditionalist. Also, that overly energetic girl in the red jacket at the beginning looks like one of my old co-workers. We'll call her Karen.

Anyway, here are some other random videos I found of Oklahoman's dancing on YouTube. Check them out:

This video is called "The Cupid Shuffle at Aaron's Christmas Party." It was uploaded by the same dee-jay who showed Aurelio how to party rock:

Wait a second. I didn't know they had art galleries on the south side! That's awesome. It must be near Oklahoma City Community College, a.k.a. the cultural hub of south OKC.

Also, I can get away with saying that because I lived in Capitol Hill as a kid and got an associate degree from Oklahoma City Community College. Which makes me wonder, where do I rank on the scale of successful Oklahoma City Community College alumni? I have to be in top 1%, right? Maybe the librarians can name the free Internet lounge after me or something. I know they read this site. Make it happen.


Here are some drunk OSU fans dancing at The Other Side bar in Chicago. What were OSU fans doing at The Other Side bar in Chicago? Probably looking for a cow to fuck. Or they were lost. One of the two:

A note to all Chicagoans, not all Oklahomans are like those people. Only about 25% of us actually do that in a bar, and out of that 25%, 90% of them are either wearing orange or a Burger King crown on their head. Also, can you get some free Cubs tickets when I come to town? I'll trade you some Thunder tickets for them. That's a very fair trade.


This video is of the University of Central Oklahoma's Dancing Weatherman Juan Guerra II. Other than Damon Lane, I don't think any of our local weathermen have anything to worry about Juan stealing their job.

You know, since I admitted to getting an Associate's from OCCC, I might as well go ahead and tell you I got my bachelor's degree in English from UCO. If you ever wonder why most of my posts are riddled with typos, poor grammar and general disregard for the English language and the rules of their, there and they're, their's your answer.

Also, a year or two ago I trolled the UCO Wikipedia page and added my name to the "alumni" section. Well, it looks like some asshole finally went and removed it, but look at some of the asshats still on there:

• 24 athletes. (I'm a Level 10 sports trivia paladin and I've only heard of three of them).
• All four members of the multi-platinum rock (band) group Hinder.
• Steven W Farrell, Business Development Coordinator at Hurwitz Creative.
• Micheal Brown.
• Anthony Bostwick, CEO of Braum's.

Yeah, I graduated from the same school whose notable alumni include no name athletes, a shitty rock band, some guy who wants to see his name on Wikipedia, the guy who nearly destroyed New Orleans, and the guy who'd ultimately responsible for all the screwed up orders I get at Braum's. Worst of all, I wasn't qualified enough to make that list. Maybe that's a good thing.


Here's one final video. It's not of anyone dancing, but perhaps something even worse: Men's inline speed skating:

My favorite part isn't the video, but the video description on You Tube: "I just liked this music that is why I used it." Why am I not surprised that a guy posting inline speed skating videos also likes "Eye of the Tiger." I'll bet you a screwed up order from Braum's that his next video uses music from "The Final Countdown."

If you liked the speed skating, I'd encourage you to go see the Oklahoma City Roller Derby this Saturday. Those girls are pretty badass. And I'm not just saying that because they advertise with us. And on the topic of badass, check out the clip from the staged roller derby show RollerGame. I thought it was pretty bad ass when I was 10:

On that note, I better tie this post up. If you run across any Oklahoma You Tube videos I should know about, send them my way. Thanks.

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