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Robin Marsh’s husband creeps on her Facebook Page while she sleeps

Back in November, we told you that Bobbie Miller would be replacing Robin Marsh on News 9 in the Morning. As a result, Robin Marsh would then move to News 9 at 4:00pm, where she would replace Christina Eckert who was moving to Texas to live with her husband.

Well, it looks like the changes have finally taken place. We know this not because we watch News 9 in the morning or at 4:00pm, but because Robin Marsh's husband is writing about his wife's new sleep schedule on her Facebook page.

Check out this screen shot that was sent to us by an Ogle Mole:

Here's a bit of advice, Moles. Always keep your passwords private and don't forget to sign out of social media applications when you step away from a computer. Also, never send Robin Marsh a flirty message on Facebook. Her creeper husband will read it instead.

Actually, I'm going to go ahead and give Robin's husband the benefit of the doubt on this, and assume he was trying to be sweet and innocently tease Robin for going to bed early. I'm also going to assume that the man is a bit naive and probably had no clue that hopping on your wife's Facebook profile and posting messages while she sleeps is creepy, disturbing and wrong. That's a bigger deal-breaker than owning cats.

And one other thought. Doesn't Don Clark look like the coolest guy in the world? Or at least someone who collects ham radios. It's taking everything in my power to not friend request him right now. Not only does he use the word "feller," but he doesn't lose his ass when he rolls on the floor laughing. That's what I want to be like when I'm old and in my fifties.

UPDATE: He left another message in the morning. Ugh...

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