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Louis C.K. really wants us to identify his OKC one night stand…

11:21 AM EST on December 11, 2012

Back in October, we asked the Ogle Mole Network for help in identifying the hot chick that had a one night stand with Louis C.K. in Oklahoma City. Louis mentioned the girl in a stand up act five or six years ago. We brought it up after writing about Louie's tasteless OKC bombing jokes.

Here's a snippet:

Ogle Moles, it’s time to grab our magnifying glasses, dust off the deerstalker hats, and get to work finding this alleged beautiful woman! Is she actually good-looking? Does she still live in Oklahoma City? Does she even exist? If she does, you would think that at one point in her life that she would have told a friend that she slept with a now-famous ugly comedian that she met at the Looney Bin or Jokers. And you would think that her friend would eventually tell someone else, who would then tell someone else, who would the tell an Ogle Mole, who would then email us with the information. Right?

Anyway, if you have any details for this case, let us know via the “Contact Us” page on the site. And if you want us to reply to your email, use a real email address. Thanks.

Although we didn't get any solid leads, it appears that Louis C.K. doesn't want the case to go cold. He referenced the girl again in a recent interview in Vanity Fair and provided a few additional details about the timing of the encounter:

Let's do some quick math. Louis C.K. is pretty old. According to Wikipedia he's 45 and was born in 1967. If he was "about" 23, that means he hooked up with this girl on New Year's Even in 1989 or 1990, probably after doing a set at Joker's. Also, if the woman he hooked up with is still alive today, she'd be 41. Damn, that's old, too.

Anyway, the fact that Louis C.K. brought up that girl in an interview conducted just a few weeks after we wrote about it pretty much proves two things:

1. Louis C.K. really wants us to find out the identity of the girl. I guess you can't blame him. Maybe she's not on Facebook.

2. Louis C.K. reads The Lost Ogle. Think about that. We're the only "media" outlet to cover his old OKC bombing joke. Days later he's talking about the joke in a an interview with Tony Hawk. Around the same time, we then write a post asking to help identify the hottest girl he's ever fucked in his life. Weeks later he's bringing up the girl and providing more details about the encounter in a Vanity Fair interview. In fact, Louie's probably reading this right now! If that's the case...

What's up, Man!

Hey, I know I wrote some rude things in my previous two columns, but I take it all back. You see, you're one of my favorite comics and I was having a bad day and I never really expected you would stop by the site. Had I known that, I definitely wouldn't have called you "ginger troll" or "ugly." I would have been much kinder and complimented your selection of black t-shirts.

Anyway, I thought I'd go ahead and inform you that I know what's going on. I get it. You banged the hottest girl of your life in Oklahoma City back in 1989 and you want to have sexual intercourse with her again. There's nothing wrong with that!

To help you out on your quest, I'm going to remind the Ogle Mole Network to send me any leads they may have. The last request didn't turn up anything solid, but never doubt the Moles. They think you're funny, too, and would love to help it.

If we find something, and I'm sure we will, all I ask is that you fly down to Oklahoma City and co-host a couple of rounds of bar trivia with me. If you want, it could be unannounced and we wouldn't even have to publicize it or anything. It would just be you and me asking stupid trivia questions to 100 folks at a bar. Wouldn't that make you feel cool and charitable? Hell, you should come do it regardless of what we find out. There are plenty of hot 19 years old for you to hook up in Oklahoma City. Sure, 21 would probably be less creepy, but if you want to stick with 19, that's fine.

Anyway, to get everything arranged just send me an email or contact me on Twitter. Maybe we can catch a Thunder game, too.

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