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Despite all my rage Dean Blevins put his son in a cage…

Did you know that when Dean Blevins isn't hunting down the people at News 9 who stole his Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans Smart Ones that he likes to put his son in a cage and take photos?

Just kidding. Dean has already caught the Smart Ones thief. It was Adrianna Iwasinski, or as Deano likes to call her, "Juggs." But the part about putting his son in a cage and taking photos? That's true. Fortunately, though, he also posts the pics on Twitter so we can all feel awkward together.

Update: So Dean removed the pic of his kid and dog in a cage from Twitter. Out of respective to his kid and dog and protect their identities, I Photoshopped them out of the picture. Because of this, the rest fo the post may not make sense:

First of all, let me say that locking your kid in a cage with the dog is not inappropriate or cruel. My mom did it to me and my brothers all the time. It's only abusive if you feed them leftovers from the Interurban.

Anyway, I emailed the photo to our resident kids expert Joel Decker and asked him to come up with some captions. He replied back within seconds. Here are some of the better ones that we came up with that didn't involve or reference peanut butter:

Good parenting or GREAT PARENTING.

So that's where they keep Greyson Chance.

I'm pretty sure you can go to jail for at least one of the things in the cage.

- There's a 70% the child and dog escaped once Dean fainted.

- They're both in there for peeing on the radio.

I also asked our MMT'er (and resident Dean Blevins tweet decoder) Tony to break down the photo. His analysis was spot on:

I didn't think it was possible, but the images Deano tweets manage to be more confusing than his words.

That's a good point, but as we know, when you're dealing with Dean Blevins anything is possible:

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