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And the winner to our 2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest is…

Two weeks ago, we announced the 20 semi-finalists for our 2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest. Now, after two exciting rounds and over 10,000 total votes, we've determined a champion. Securing 445 votes (25%) in the finals, the champion of our contest is:

This amazing photo was actually submitted by, get this, a guy named Spence. No, he's not our Spence. I promise. If our Spence won, we'd change his name to something cooler. Here is Spence's now classic email that accompanied the pic:

Wanted to share with you a lady we encountered at the fair this weekend. She may have been the drunkest person in the state of Oklahoma and was laying on this stage yelling:

“Jeff!!!!! Corn dog!!!!!!”

Then Jeff came with a corn dog and then quickly left. She then kept yelling:


Between each bite.

I bet Jeff sure is proud.

Congrats, Spence. For winning our contest, you and three friends will be treated to a Limo Dinner Tour to the Wedge Pizzeria and Deep Fork Grill! A limo will pick you up at your house, take you to the Wedge for appetizers and drinks, and then escort you to Deep Fork the main course. From there, the limo will drive you around town and take you home. This will give you a chance to post pics on Facebook letting all your friends know you're in a limo.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who entered the contest. We received over 75 emails and around 200 photos. Obviously, it wouldn't be possible to do this without the help of the Ogle Mole Network. We're very appreciative. Over the weekend, I'm going to post some of the pics that missed the cut on our Facebook Page. I'm doing this because I'm kind and it seems like an easy way to get some additional Facebook likes.

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