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2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest (Finals)

In a way, the finals of our Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest reminds me of NCAA Men's Basketball Final 4. It's kind of anti-climatic. Sure, it's cool to see who wins and everything, but the real fun is that first week when we get to see the field, pick our favorites and watch a Cinderella or two emerge.

Here our the six finalists for the contest:

- Beauty and the Corn Dog
- Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots
- 8 Mile
- Mr. Snaky McMuttonchop
- Them’r my corn eatin’ gloves
- Sleeping Beauty

Before you review the pics and cast your vote, remember a few things:

- In the semi-finals, you could vote for three pics. This time, you can only choose one. Voting ends on Sunday night.

- Whoever submitted the winning photo will win a Limo Tour to the Wedge Pizzeria and Deep Fork Grill. When you go the Wedge, be sure to order an American Pie and add Pepperoni. When you're done eating it, send me a thank you note. When you're at Deep Fork, get whatever you want. It's all amazing.

- I should have mentioned this in one of the earlier posts, but please don't try to stuff the ballot box. Some person with the IP addresses and tried to do that, and let me tell you, it's annoying. The votes are audited by the Clark Matthews accounting firm. You're allowed one vote. Don't try to rig things.

- If you somehow missed Round 1 and Round 2 of the semi-finals, check them out. They are funny. Now go vote:

Beauty and the Corn Dog

Here’s the email that accompanied this photo:

Wanted to share with you a lady we encountered at the fair this weekend. She may have been the drunkest person in the state of Oklahoma and was laying on this stage yelling:

“Jeff!!!!!  Corn dog!!!!!!”

Then Jeff came with a corn dog and then quickly left. She then kept yelling:


Between each bite.

Know what would be funny? What if Jeff roofied her corn dog? I know he didn’t have to or anything, but it would be funny. That’s all I’m saying.


Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots

Is it just me, or does this look like a scene from a gay rodeo? Seriously, why’s Bubba wearing cut-off camo shorts? Why’s Pee-Wee wearing daisy dukes. And why is the guy in orange setting down?


8 Mile

I’ll bet you $20 that this guy, his baby’s mama, or the person he’s about to fight all live in an apartment complex in Midwest City. I’ll also bet you he has a lips tattoo on the other side of his neck and has either bought or stolen jewelry from Wal-Mart.


Mr. Snaky McMuttonchop

“Siri, what kind of dipshit tucks in a button-up shirt at a State Fair, crams a stuffed snake in his pants and then pays $6 for a bottle of Dasani? Oh, right. Me. I forgot.”



Them’r my corn eatin’ gloves

Once again, for a rascal scooter pic to make this contest, there has to be something else to make the picture special. In this case, it would be an old farmer wearing yellow dishwashing gloves while eating corn.


Sleeping Beauty

According to the a recent study, 12% of all people dream in black white. This lady, however, dreams about corn dogs, Indian tacos and swimming with manatees.

Actually, this photo was snapped during a hypnotist show inside a livestock building. Yes, we have hypnotist shows inside livestock buildings at the Oklahoma State Fair. I don’t know why we are just now hearing about this either. That’s something we should all get to experience at some point in life.


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