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Ogle Mole Investigation Network: Which beautiful woman did Louis C.K. sleep with when he visited OKC?

Yesterday, I posted a six-year-old audio clip of Louis C.K. making a hysterical reference to the Oklahoma City bombing during a stand-up bit about OKC. The reference was hysterical because Louis CK is a comic genius who's immune to any type of criticism. You see, comedians get to play by a different set of rules when it comes to free speech, and if they push the boundaries of decency and say something extremely distasteful during an act or show, that's your problem because they are comedians and just trying to be funny. You should just laugh it off and move on.

Anyway, in the post I mentioned that funny references to devastating acts of terrorism that killed 168 people and impacted the lives of thousands isn't the first time Oklahoma City has made a cameo in a Louis C.K. bit. In a HBO stand-up special from the aughts, he mentioned that he had sex with a beautiful woman in Oklahoma City. Here's a clip, which was dug-up on YouTube by local stand-up comic Bradchad Porter:

Ogle Moles, it's time to grab our magnifying glasses, dust off the deerstalker hats, and get to work finding this alleged beautiful woman! Is she actually good-looking? Does she still live in Oklahoma City? Does she even exist? If she does, you would think that at one point in her life that she would have told a friend that she slept with a now-famous ugly comedian that she met at the Looney Bin or Jokers. And you would think that her friend would eventually tell someone else, who would then tell someone else, who would the tell an Ogle Mole, who would then email us with the information. Right?

Anyway, if you have any details for this case, let us know via the "Contact Us" page on the site. And if you want us to reply to your email, use a real email address. Thanks.

Also, a couple of other things for Random Internet Commenter Dude who's currently hammering away at his keyboard:

1. Yes, I'm aware that this clip, just like the Oklahoma City bombing reference, is six years old. Who cares? It's not like we've been setting on this for five years, anxiously waiting for the perfect opportunity to write about it. Even though it's six years old, it's still relatively new to us and the most people who reading this.

2. Is it hypocritical that Patrick, the founder and publisher of an obscure local social blog that has offended and will offend many people, is criticizing a comedian that he likes for saying something distasteful??? In all honesty, you could probably make a case either way. And if you wrote a long commentary about it on your blog, I wouldn't bother me. Just like I can criticize people and attempt to make humorous references, you can, too. All I know is that I've never written a joke on this site about blowing people up in a federal building. And when you consider how much I dislike Sally Kern and the other whackos that Louis C.K. referenced, that's saying something.

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