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20 Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas (1 of 2)

8:00 AM EDT on October 4, 2012

Each year we like to list some Oklahoma'centric Halloween costume ideas. We do this for three reasons:

1. We want to help you win your local office costume contest.
2. We want you to be the star of your Halloween party.
3. We are lazy and out of original ideas.

Before we get to our costume ideas, there is one capitalistic thing I want to share with you. If you don't like any of our ideas and still haven't bought your costume, check out the selections at WholesaleHalloweenCostumes. The selections they offer are 10,000 times better (and cheaper) than the Halloween stores that pop-up in random strip malls. Plus, if you click the link and buy something, we'll get a small commission. Not enough to get us rich or anything, but it will give us the money needed to buy a couple of beers on Halloween.

Anyway, to the first 10 of our 20 Oklahoma Halloween Costume ideas. The second half will be posted later today:

20. Sweet Brown

You want a description of this? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Okay, I got a little time. Just dress up like Sweet Brown and go to your party and more than likely win your Halloween Costume Contest. Also, if the party has stairs, you know what to say. Just be sure to replace "cold pop" with "cold beer" or "Gary's Halloween trashcan punch."


19. Jerome Ersland's Back Brace

Originally I was just going to make this Jerome Ersland's Refusal to Accept Responsibility for His Actions, but that would lead to some NRA guy hijacking the comments section. Instead, dress up as the back brace that the convicted murderer actually didn't need.


18. Aluminum Baseball Bat Wielding Dollar General Manager 



17. Tiffany Tatro

Lots of girls like to dress hot and slutty for Halloween, and based upon some of the pics we've posted of Tiffany Tatro, there are many directions to go here. You can go the rap video route (above), the lazy sorority girl option, or just as the girl with large boobs that are about to pop out of a white ghost'ish dress. Any of them would be sufficient.


16. The Devil That Demoted Anita Blanton

Remember when the Anita Blanton blamed the devil on her demotion, even though it ended up being a good thing for her God-fearing, God-loving coworkers? We do, too. That's why being The Devil That Demoted Anita Blanton would be a fun costume. It's also easy. Just get a regular devil costume (or one of the sexy ones available for sale at Wholesale Halloween Costumes) and then walk around the party and tell people they are demoted.


15. White Guy Dressed Up as James Harden

Please don't be this guy at the party. Seriously, just don't do it. The fascination that local white people have with James Harden's beard was cute and novel at first, but now it's over-used and annoying. If you like James Harden's beard, it doesn't mean you're cool and hip. It just means you're a boring lemming that thinks you're cool and hip. You know, kind of like a Youth Pastor.

Also, if you do go this uncreative route that I'm sure is going to dominate every local Halloween party, please don't do black face. It's offensive, plus you'll have to deal with large white women being attracted to you.*

*I got that lame joke approved by our black contributor Dante Jordan, so it's cool.


14. NewsOK Dream Wedding Couple

One night I came home from a long night of drinking and stumbled across this couple's "dream wedding" article in the Oklahoman and just assumed they were rich people pushing an overly-lavish and ridiculous wedding in our face. Well, I was wrong about them being rich. They're just normal people with crazy family members who type in ALL CAPS and leave comments on blogs without knowing what they are getting into.

Anyway, this would be a cheap and easy costume for annoying newlyweds.


13. Renzi Stone

This would be a great costume idea if you own a suit, are dangerously tall, and like reading your name in print. Bonus points if you carry around a little Tim Heskett with you wherever you go.

Also, I know this is a lame costume idea, but I just wanted to repost that OKC Biz magazine cover. That was their best issue yet!


12. Frankenogle

This is another easy one. Just wear a normal Frankenstein costume, but put on a suit and read a teleprompter or scary KFOR viewer "Rant" emails.


Landry Jones Whitney Hand ice sculpture

11. Landry Jones and Whitney Hand Ice Sculpture

This would be a complicated costume to make. Hell, I'm not sure how it would even work. Plus, you have to deal with the possibility that every OU fan at your party will vomit. Instead of spending time making this costume, maybe you should help Bob Stoops figure out a fix for the Sooner offense. Wait, that would involved recruiting better players. Nevermind then. Just figure out this costume.


Anyway, we'll have 10 more costume ideas later today.

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