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Some deputy shot and killed a man with a machete

8:00 AM EDT on August 2, 2012

Maybe I watched too many Rambo movies as a kid, but if I had to choose my favorite weapon, a machete would be near the top of the list. Machetes look cool, sound cool and are cool. Just be sure to not threaten or approach a sheriff's deputy with one. Then they'll shoot and kill you.

From NewsOK:

An Okmulgee County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man who approached him with a machete Wednesday, authorities said.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents are looking into the officer-involved shooting.

Two deputies were called about 9:25 a.m. to 17401 Bristlecone Road when someone reported a suicidal person.

Robbie W. McMurtry, 50, appeared distraught and approached the deputies in a threatening manner while holding the machete, according to OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown and a statement from Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice.

One of the deputies, whose name was not released, shot and killed McMurtry.

Both deputies involved will be on administrative leave while the OSBI investigates the incident. The OSBI will turn over its findings to the district attorney, who will decide whether the shooting was justified.

Okay, I don't have an English degree or anything — well, actually I do — but did the first sentence of the Oklahoman article confuse anyone else? I read it is a man literally shot and killed another man with a machete. You know, like bullets were flying out of the machete or something. But then I read the rest of the article and realized the deputy shot and killed a man holding a machete. Oh well, I'm still not changing the headline.

Anyway, just like any other sane person, I don't have a problem with cops using deadly force when necessary, but was this really necessary? It's not like the victim kicked open his front door with guns blazing like he was an extra from Young Guns. He was armed with a machete. Couldn't they have shot him in the leg or something? It's not like he was Rambo or anything.

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