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The Dark Tower has been sold and please don’t comment about it

Yesterday, OPUBCO announced that it has entered into a contract to sell its ominous 12-story corporate headquarters, manufacturing plant and a bunch of other goodies to American Fidelity Assurance. When the sale goes through, OPUBCO will then lease five floors of the office tower and the production plant, and American Fidelity will gradually relocate to the other floors, including the 12th floor patio and garden.

This news isn’t very surprising. Former OPUBCO President David Thompson is an executive at American Fidelity, and the newspaper industry continues to struggle. At one time it probably made sense for a newspaper-backed media conglomerate to own a big, dark and scary office building that frightened orcs and wildlings, but thanks to declining revenues, circulation and dying reader-base, that time is gone. In 20 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if OPUBCO moves into an old Braum’s or just starts renting a desk at OKC CoCo.

Anyway, I decided to see stop by to see what their commenter trolls had to say about the news. Would they be respectful and/or condescending, or would they just go the usual route and blame Obama. Unfortunately, it was none of the above, because this happened:

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Yep, OPUBCO treated an article about the sale of their headquarters the same way they do stories about death and crime. Nothing symbolic or fitting about that, right?

Anyway, since won't let you can’t comment about the sale of the Dark Tower on their site, I guess you should go ahead and do it here. We don’t care. In fact, we encourage it. And in case you need any extra motivation, gun control is bad, gay marriage should be legal, OU is better than OSU, and OSU is better than OU. Good luck.

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