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The Thunder fired a Storm Chaser for participating in a cheesy video

Earlier this week, the basketball blogs went nuts when the Thunder fired a Storm Chaser named Brent for participating in a cheesy rap video produced by our friend Zane Larue.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the video that got him fired:

I know the Thunder likes to control messaging all that fun stuff, but you have to think they overreacted a bit. Brent had been with the organization since they got here, and they just fired him for making a harmless video. If anything, they should hire him and Zane to lead their video production team. Maybe they could improve what has to be the most boring and dry pre-game introduction video in the NBA.

That being said, if the guy knew he was going to get in trouble, why did he participate in the video? It's no secret that the suits in the Professional Basketball Club LLC are a bunch of uptight controlling crybabies. If his job was that important to him, why risk it?

Well, maybe it wasn't that important too him. From what I've heard, Storm Chasers make something like $10 an hour. I think the guy could find a job that pays that much, plus he won't have to cheer like a madman whenever Thabo Sefolosha makes a lay-up.

On that note, I wish the organization would fire about 20 more Storm Chasers. Those people are annoying and cheesy. I'm fine with sending a few of them out during a timeout to throw frisbees or release Oklahoman parachutes, but for the love of Gary England keep them out of stands during the game! They don't add to the Thunder experience, they diminish it. I buy my tickets to watch the game, not have my view blocked by some little Asian guy with a mohawk trying to start a wave.

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