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Ron Kirby is a big old pervert

A few weeks ago, long time Oklahoma politician Ron Kirby resigned after serving seven years in the armpit of Oklahoma as Comanche County Commissioner. At the time of his resignation, here was his excuse for stepping down:

From KSWO-TV Lawton:

"I will vacate my office at five o'clock today. My office seems to be a magnet for troubles and everybody. So, I've determined that I have kind of reached the point where I cannot bear it anymore," said Kirby...

"It just became increasingly difficult to maintain affairs in my office and constantly defend any actions. So, it wasn't anybody in particular," said Kirby...

"I had a good run and again, I appreciate the taxpayers for allowing me to serve the public. And, politics is a vicious game, but it's one that must be done."

Yeah, politics sure is a vicious game. Know what else is vicious? Photoshopping your female employee's head onto the body of a Penthouse Pet.

From NewsOK:

Former state Rep. Ron Kirby has resigned as Comanche County commissioner amid an ongoing investigation into allegations he had a detention center employee help him download hundreds of pornographic images from his cellphone to his work laptop computer.

Some of the pictures allegedly depicted the head of a female employee of his office “positioned on a nude female body with her breast and genitalia exposed,” according to a request for a search warrant submitted by an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent.

Kirby, 72, resigned Feb. 13 — just three days after the OSBI executed a search warrant on his office and seized a laptop computer, cellphone and memory card, records reveal.

Well well well, I've always wondered who that weird guy is that gets-off on those fake nude celebrity pics that you see all over the internet. I've always just assumed it was Bob Barry Jr or Clark Matthews. I never would have guessed it was a county commissioner from Lawton.

Seriously, what a sick dirty old man!  Just look at that pathetic piece of crap. The last woman he probably had sex with was named Blanche or Precious. I say we give this pervert a taste of his own medicine. Here you go:

Yeah, sorry about that. You're allowed to go throw up or attend group therapy now, if you haven't already.

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