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Uh, Kate Upton and Aubrey McClendon are related or something

9:00 AM EST on February 16, 2012

The girl pictured above is Kate Upton. She's currently the hottest girl on the planet and cover girl of the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. What makes Kate so hot, in my educated opinion, is that she really doesn't look like the typical supermodel. She's not waif thin. She's not exotic. She's kind of like the girl next door...if the girl next door just happened to be 19 years old and the hottest girl on earth. Make sense?

Anyway, an Ogle Mole emailed us yesterday and mentioned that Aubrey McClendon was Kate Upton's uncle or something. Intrigued, I decided to see what I could dig up. This is what I learned:

• Aubrey McClendon married a woman named Katie Upton in St. Joseph Michigan in 1981. For what it's worth, Katie's grandpa was the founder of Whirlpool ($$$).

• Katie Upton, Aubrey's wife, is a (first?) cousin of US Congressman Fred Upton. Coincidentally, he is the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

• Kate Upton, the ridiculously hot supermodel, is Fred Upton's niece.

• Therefore, Kate Upton (the model) is a cousin-in-law of Aubrey McClendon...I think.

So yeah, as if being born a millionaire and then becoming a billionaire wasn't enough, Aubrey McClendon is somehow related to the hottest girl on the planet. What a bastard. And to make things better, they are related by marriage. That means he can check her out on the cover of magazines or during yachting trips or whatever and not feel gross or icky. Well, it's gross and icky when you consider she's 19 and he's in his 50s, but other than that it's okay.

p.s. - I was going to post the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, but SI went out of its way to make Kate look as un-hot as possible. Then I was going to link to the cover in the sentence above, but discovered this video instead. Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints! I need a cigarette.

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