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The attractive OHP Trooper is Lt. Kera Philippi

4:00 PM EST on February 8, 2012

Earlier today, we posted that amusing video of Gay Maculay Culkin harassing a group of state troopers in the name of free speech. Here's what we wrote about the attractive, yet mysterious, trooper who appeared in the video:

If I ever get picked up by the highway patrol while my car is parked along the Broadway Extension at 4:00am, please please please let it be Trooper Mysterious Hot Chick! She can handcuff me anytime! Seriously, who the hell is that girl? She looks like one of those female cops you’d see at a bachelor party or in one of those videos Clark Matthews hides in the old shoe box in his closet. We’ll pay upwards of $8 -$10 for more information about this woman.

Well, ask the Ogle Mole Network for information and you shall receive. Just minutes after we published the post, the emails, texts, DMs and comments started flooding in. We have learned that the mysteriously attractive-cute-hot-whatever state trooper is Lt. Kera Philippi. Thanks to Facebook, she's not so mysterious anymore. Here are some pics:

Normally a girl like Lt. Philippi would be and 8 or 8.5 on a scale of 10, but I generally give a couple of bonus points to women who either wear some sort of uniform to work each day (nurse, policewoman, naughty librarian with thick-rimmed glasses) or talk to me at a bar. That would make Kera, errr, Lt. Philippi a 11.

Anyway, thanks to all the Ogle Moles who emailed with tips an info. Since so many of you contacted us, we really can't afford to pay each of you $8 - $10. Instead, here's a video that tells the story of Christian the Lion:

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