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Monday Morning Tweets: Underwear, Fedeher and Airplanes

By Tony

7:00 AM EST on January 30, 2012

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Morning Tweets. Each week, we'll highlight some of the awesome/funny/interesting/dumb twitter moments that come from Oklahoma Celebrities and media.

Hello! I'm Tony (remember me?) and I'll be your "Tweet Curator" for this project.* I agreed to do this when Patrick asked me because 1) Twitter is awesome and 2) this snowboarder I saw the other day told me to "say yes to life!" He did immediately fall down a mountain and break half the bones in his body, but this will probably go better. After the jump, we'll get to some tweets.

* Sounds more interesting than "Guy Who Stares At Twitter All Day."

Gary England (@garyeOK)

Readers of this website know how we feel about Gary England. And this will not change that. But I can't help it: it's weird to see him tweet stuff about George Soros. Sure, he's peppered his broadcasts with climate change denials from time to time, but this is on a whole other level. Who knew this man we only saw from folksy weather broadcasts and quips about characters from Seiling had another side? It's like the first time you think about the fact that your parents had sex. You know it's obviously true, but it just doesn't feel quite right.


Dean Blevins (@deanblevins)

What's notable here is something only people who read this site back in our earliest months will recognize. Waaaay back in 2007 we had some fun with Deano over a column he wrote on his website. You can still read it here. I strongly urge you to do so. It's classic Deano.

Anyway, that was essentially a love letter to Rafael Nadal. He even talked about Nadal's "sweat-drenched biceps." Yeah. And now he says "Fedeher" is his guy (Also, he spells it "Fedeher" even back in that 07 column). What happened to cause Deano to flip from being a Nadal fan to a Federer fan? Do Rafa's seat-drenched biceps know about this?


Marika Lorraine (@marikalorraine)

It's that old cliché: TV Reporters are just like us regular people. They put their underwear on one leg at a time, oftentimes inside out.


Jessica Schambach (@SchambachJess)

Does anyone care to guess what Jessica Schambach's dry cleaning bill is? I am genuinely curious as to how big a dry cleaning bill would have to be to cause someone to be so aghast that they would be embarrassed to say it out loud. $200? Being someone who doesn't get dry cleaning that often, I really have no idea. Hopefully Jessica will reveal the answer on Twitter this week if we all promise not to tease her. #SchambachDryCleaningMystery


Channel 4 (@KFOR)

Um, is it just me, or is it really weird that Channel 4 had to go off the air entirely to do "routine maintenance?" Is that something other stations do? I don't recall seeing it happen in over a decade at least. It reminds me of when I would wake up early to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning and OETA wasn't on yet and I just sat and waited for the color bars to disappear.

Also: it is super adorable that someone at KFOR thinks anyone other than Clark Matthews on Twitter would actually be inconvenienced by Jay Leno not airing.


Kelly Ogle (@kellyogle)

Y'all, I just noticed something: if you read them the right way in your head, Kelly Ogle's tweets sound exactly what Andy Rooney would tweet! If he were on Twitter. And alive. I think Kelly Ogle may have unwittlingly started the perfect Andy Rooney parody account. If he plays his cards right, we might soon be seeing "My Two Cents" at the end of 60 Minutes.


That's all for this week. If you've seen a tweet you think should be mentioned here, you can bring it to my attention on twitter @TonyHanadarko.

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