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2011 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest: Finals

Last week, we posted the 20 semi-finalists for our 2011 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest (Group 1, Group 2). Now, just seven days and 6,000 votes later, only five photos remain.

View the photos and vote for your favorite after the jump! The photo that gets the most votes will be declared the champion, and the photographer/submitter will win a dinner for four to Deep Fork Grill!

Gold for Cash

Call me crazy, but I would bet the key to that woman’s heart is gold-plated and located on the end of a long chain. Seriously, that’s the blingiest outfit I’ve ever seen. She makes Mr. T look humble and reserved. Her farts probably smell like a Lil Wayne song.

- Photo submitted by Melissa


Lady in Red

Before you laugh, remember this lady is probably somebody’s grandma or aunt and that some poor soul had to install the chain attached her belly button. Now that you’re aware of those things, go ahead and laugh away.

- Photo submitted by Bradley


“Boomer Sooner” on my back

Notice how the dude standing next to her is wearing a burnt orange shirt? I don’t know if they were together, but if they were, I kind of like that girl. In other news, the University of Oklahoma just sued her for copyright infringement and brand defamation.

- Photo submitted by Evan


The Two Fister

Wow, I’m pretty sure I need an insulin shot just from looking at this guy. Could he not eat the turkey leg, enjoy it for a few seconds, and then order the double-fried, calorie-battered churro? Also, I think he needs another gallon of soda to put in his little basket.

- Photo submitted by Robert


Harry McCracker

Maybe instead of trying to own every key in the world, this guy should invest in a belt, wax treatment or two additional shirt sizes.

p.s. I originally wanted to name this picture Trabes. Would that have been wrong?

- Photo submitted by Mark


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