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2011 Worst of OKC: Worst Place to Park your Car

7:00 AM EDT on August 25, 2011

Since the criteria for determining the "Worst Place to Park Your Car" is pretty subjective, we attempted to come up with a diverse list of five nominees. Some of the places are sketchy, while some of the others are just annoying.

Which one is the worst??? That's for you to decide.

Any apartment complex at 122nd and Penn

The apartment complexes near 122nd and Penn really aren't that bad of a place to live...if you like violent crime and having your possessions stolen.

I lived in Lincoln Greens near 122nd and Penn for about 8 months in 1999 and 2000. My girlfriend at the time lived in Rain Dance. My car was broken into twice — once at her complex and once at mine. There was also an armed robbery and rape when I lived there. How did the complex respond? Putting an unarmed security guard at the front gate for a few weeks.

The area hasn't got any better since I've been away. I was in the area just a few weeks ago and got a bit nervous while stopping for gas. Fittingly enough, I got attacked by a hive of bees that were swarming around a full trash can.


Any driveway patrolled by the Video Vigilante

According to a survey, nearly 57% of Americans claim to have had sex in public. And outside of the home, the car is the number one place people tend to engage in grown up activities.

Now that you know those useless statistics, here's a bit of advice. If you are parked in a car and see the Video Vigilante, you are either a) in the wrong part of town, b) about to have sex with a prostitute, or c) all of the above, then you're screwed.


Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club Parking Lot

Even though it has the word "Oklahoma City" in it, this place is primarily located in Nichols Hills. That means just to get there you have to drive through Nichols Hills. If your first name is Aubrey, Clayton or Franklin, that's not a bad thing. But if you're a commoner like us, you have to risk getting picked up by Nichols Hills police or being forced to mow some old doctor's yard.

And things don't get any better. Once you get to the parking lot you have to live with the shame of driving a Nissan, Ford or Honda. And if you happen to drive a BMW, Mercedes or Lexus, you have to live with someone else having a nicer BMW, Mercedes or Lexus. It's just a no win.


The Red Dog Cafe

Clark Matthews always tells me "A picture is worth a thousand words. Except for mine. They are worth five-thousand."  Well, that picture is very Clark Matthewian.


The Burlington Coat Factory Parking Lot at NW 63rd and May

This is a bad parking lot for a couple of reason. The first is if you park there, you are probably about to enter Burlington Coat Factory, Dollar General or Furr's.

The second reason is that the designer of the parking lot has probably done more drugs than all of the Flaming Lips combined. Seriously, a motorcycle can barely fit through this place. People leave notes on the windshield when they don't back-in to your car.


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