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KOKH Channel 25 is entertaining…

12:53 AM EST on February 21, 2011

If you're like most people, you probably don't watch the 9:00pm news on Channel 25, but maybe it's time that you do.  Andrew Speno may just be the best anchor in Oklahoma City, Jaime Cerreta is hot, and all of the station's female reporters (minus Liz Dueweke) seem to crave our attention.  But here's another reason.  Reports like this:

Man, I wish we could have seen what was going on at the anchor desk while this was airing.  I bet Andrew Speno was blushing, Jaime Cerreta was dancing the Karma, and weatherman John Slater was drawing boobies with crayons over in the weather studio.

Anyway,  reports like this are awesome and I'm glad we have Channel 25 to report them.

Can you imagine what would happen if News 9 accidentally aired something like this?  Kelly Ogle would have chastised it with an immediate "My Two Cents," Amanda Taylor would have launched a Consumer Watch report to see who financed it, and Dean Blevins would have got an erection.  Hell, Gary England may have even spawned a small tornado in Moore.

(Video is courtesy of our former editor and loyal KOKH fan Tony.)

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