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Bobbie Miller is happy about being Number 18…

1:14 PM EST on February 3, 2011

Each year, we count down the 20 hottest women in the local media.  We do this because we are red-blooded American males with nothing better to do with our time than ogle attractive women.  We also do it because:

• 50% of our readers are red-blooded American males with nothing better to do with their time than ogle attractive women.

• 40% of our readers are cold-blooded American women with nothing better to do with their time than criticize and mock the women who make the list.

• 10% of our readers are either gay men or lesbians, so they probably fit into one of the categories above.

Anyway, the reason we bring this up is because we are now compiling our 2011 rankings and need the help of the Ogle Mole Network.  You see, there was some turnover in the local media this past year, so we lost some familiar faces (Lauren Richardson & Melissa Maynarich) and some familiar breasts (Amy McRee).

If you have any suggestions for this year's list of the hottest, send them our way (thelostogle at gmail dot com).  The only requirement is that the girl is attractive and must be involved with some aspect of the local media  like TV, print or radio (strippers don't count).  Also, if you have access to any good pictures of a local media starlet, please send them our way.  For some reason, not all of them accept our Facebook friend requests.

And oh yeah, about the picture above.  Back in 2007, Bobbie Miller came in 18th on our list.  We know this because the list is located here.  We also know this because a framed picture of Bobbie Miller, along with our logo and the number 18, is hanging on the wall in the KFOR newsroom.   You can see it behind Scott Hines. Glad to know they are proud!

p.s. - Bobbie Miller was ranked 17th in 2009 and catapulted up to 11th last year.  KFOR needs to update things.  Just saying.

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