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Dean Blevins Is The King Of New Media

By Tony

12:01 AM EST on January 20, 2011

So I was going to do a post about how Dean Blevins is now on twitter (and we'll get to that in a minute), but in the course of writing that last week I discovered this... thing... on It's an entry on Dean's blog that I didn't even know existed and holy cow is this weird, from the formatting to the piece itself.

A closer examination after the jump.

This particular blog entry was written last Thursday, the day the Thunder played the Magic, and apparently a day off for Channel 9's sports director. Here's how Dean begins the piece:

Flittering and twittering on a “vacation” day that’s got the pulse rate quickening because of the anticipation of tonight’s professional jousting between the Thunder’s Lanky and Lovely Longhorn and the Marvelously Majestic Magician.

I mean... yeah. I really don't know what to think about this other than to just assume that it's some sort of elaborate performance art. Three years ago I wrote about Dean's propensity for overly-decorative language on his (now-defunct) website. I have to say it makes me kind of happy to see Writer Dean back. As a friend of mine suggested, it's best to imagine this blog entry being read in some seedy coffee house, with Dean as a beat poet and huge dramatic pauses between each sentence.

Splurge I-Blocka: our Congo aviator with the wingspan of a Cessna.

Quite a sight when 19,000 rowdies fly first-class Air Congo.

Climb aboard.

If you can get a ticket.

I’ve spent three days looking for a couple.

You’d think this was OU-Texas.

Another sellout at the OK Corral.

Somebody’s gettin’ rich. Er.

Make sure you read that last line in a hushed whisper.

But if a tendency for alarmingly flowery language kinda works in a this-brings-me-baffling-amusement sort of way in the long-form medium of blogs, do you know where it doesn't? When you're restricted to 140 characters. On that note, guess who joined twitter?!

Here are my top-5 favorite Dean Blevins tweets, in no particular order.

@LestMiles fans needn't listen 2a word he says n#SAnton about#Mich job cause last time in TX talkn jobshe misled#OSU bout interest n#LSU job

Mick the Mayor & moi same tv sprtts staff late 80's-94He reminds #OU couldve had @Aikman@KeithJackson&@MarcusDupree out of @Switzer I-frmtn

What I love about these besides the trademark Deano word-salad is the seemingly random, indiscriminate use of hashtags and @ signs. Not a single one of those @ signs leads to the accounts of the person he's talking about. The people who do have those accounts must wonder why this strange person is tweeting about them.

Send a shrink. Watching @MauryPovich & digging it. Seriously on pins & needles waiting 2 c if lady's' son is her husband's,or his COUSINS'.

Here is a video of my reaction to finding out that Dean Blevins watches Maury Povich:

Corey D. A for effort. How'dya like to caddie? If the OKB gig dudnt work out you've got potential in Amway. Massive multilevel mktg skills

Hmm. Not sure exactly is going on here. I think maybe this is supposed to be a text message? I'm Ron Burgandy?


I don't want to be too hard to Dean. He said he's on twitter because management asked him to, and these things take some getting used to. He seems to have picked up the hang of it recently and I think he'll be worth following... but this tweet just says "O." I think all of us can take heart that even former college quarterbacks and Emmy winning journalists suffer from the pocket tweet... and don't realize they've done it.

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