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2010 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest: Finals

Last week, we posted 2o reader-submitted photos from the Oklahoma State Fair and asked you to vote for your five favorites.  Well, the votes are in and we are down to our five finalists.  They are:

"¢ The Caped Weirdos

"¢ Crocs and Umbrella

"¢ Eat Pussy, Kids

"¢ The Guardian

"¢ Lets Make Jorts

One of these five photographs will win our Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest.  And the person who took the photograph will win a dinner for four to Deep Fork Grill.

Anyway, take another look at the photos and vote after the jump.  And before we get to the voting, we should probably tell you that The Caped Weirdos photo is kind of staged.  The people who took the photo did not know this, but apparently the two girls wearing the pics are actors or something and call themselves the Buckners.  We're not going to disqualify them or anything, because they still seem pretty damn weird, but keep that in mind while voting.

The Caped Weirdos
Remember when those two girls where kidnapped from the fair in the 1980s?  Well, these two girls went to great lengths to make sure nobody would try to kidnap them.  Hell, they even wore capes!  Nobody messes with girls in capes, much less girls in capes and fanny packs.


Crocs and Umbrella
Honestly, I haven't done enough drugs to figure out what's going on in this picture.  I just hope the lady doesn't wear those crocs/gardening clogs when driving in the snow.


Eat Pussy, Kids
Yep, that's just a guy wearing an "Eat Pussy" shirt while walking around the fair with two kids.  Someone should tell the kids that's he not talking about cats or the rat from Sopranos.


The Guardian
I'm pretty sure that they need to put a statue of this lady on top of the dome at the City Arts Center building at the Fair Grounds and call her The Fair Guardian.  That's because she represents almost everything the fair is about.  Seriously, she has  a rascal scooter, Budweiser, and a tattoo of an apparent penis sticking out of a star on her leg.  The only thing she is missing is a corn dog and visible sores.


Lets Make Jorts
If the name of this website was The Lost Bob Seger, this guy would be our mascot.  Anyway, some questions:

"¢ What is the guy holding in his hands?  Is that denim?  Did he make those cut off jorts while walking around fair?  And if he did, why is he keeping the material?

"¢ Why is he wearing a medallion around his neck?

"¢ Where did he buy his new shoes?


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