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Random Musings About the Civic Center “Satanists”

The satanic exorcism at the Oklahoma City Civic Center is off!

Wait, no, it's on.

The status keeps changing because the organization is as dysfunctional as a group of godless heathens. 

As part of my favorite story from last week, the "Church of the IV Majesties" a church of "satanic worshippers" announced on their website that their October 21st production at the OKC Civic Center had been cancelled.  The groups founder, James Hale, quickly told The Oklahoman that the event was still on as planned, but "postponed."  As for the confusion, this is where it gets really good.

The Church of the IV Majesties has a by law banning registered sex offenders from being a member of the church.  People who love Satan have to have standards, right?  Unfortunately, one of the founders who created that by law happened to be a registered sex offender.  How did information like this fall through the cracks when the group does background checks?  Well, the guy who volunteered to do the background checks was the registered sex offender.

Awesome!  As people who supposedly worship the arch nemesis of God, that should give this guy first dibs at the head position.  Instead, he got the boot.  The beauty of this turn of events is that the sex offender/group founder who got excommunicated was the church's web master, and the only guy with the passwords to access the Church of the IV Majesties primary method of marketing.  He then took it upon himself to cancel the churches big event.  This is like a fired pastor cancelling Easter at a Christian church.  That shows you how much power has over this website.

Anyway, the presence of these guys in the news again for a production they readily admit is a big joke making fun of Catholicism had me asking other questions about them:

1.  When one of their potential members chooses Christianity over their church, does their leader go around telling people that they were never really interested in that person?

2.  Why are they called a "satanist" group?  According to their leader, "Satanism is pretty much your own god. I am my own god. We don't worship anyone but ourselves."  Isn't that atheism?  I think these guys don't believe in anything, but they think satanic emblems are cool...much like fake jedis realize (at some level) that Star Wars is fiction, but still dress up as Darth Maul.

3.  Do you think their group will read this nine months from now and start a cyber war with us?

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