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Farewell, Amy McRee…

12:25 AM EDT on September 9, 2010

Yesterday, we were alerted via Facebook that Channel 9 is running a commercial that hints that one of its anchors is leaving the station. I haven't seen the commercial — and I don't know if they've made the official announcement — but one person who is leaving Channel 9 is Amy McRee.

We've known about this for a while.  Here's what we've been told:

• Amy is married to some hot shot guy from Hollywood. The guy lives in LA and is apparently the producer for Pros vs. Joes or one of those other stupid Spike TV shows that only your little brother or nephew watches.

• Yes, Amy McRee is pregnant.

• When Amy leaves for maternity leave, it will probably be the last time we see her on Channel 9. Apparently, her contract is up in less than a year.  From what we've heard, the contract will not be renewed. Neither Amy or the Channel 9 management are too upset about this.

• The leading candidate to replace Amy is Amanda Taylor. According to one of our Ogle Moles, Amanda is much hotter in person than she is on TV.

• As of now, we are not aware of any photos circulating online of Amanda Taylor in a pink bikini.

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