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The Lost Years are almost lost…

6:13 PM EDT on May 26, 2010

Since December of 2009, we have had a radio show on 105.3 The Spy called "The Lost Years with The Lost Ogle." The premise of the show is pretty simple.  Chad and I talk about stuff and play some of the indie/alternative music you may have missed when the Spy was off the air in Oklahoma City.

Overall, we've produced 23 episodes, played over 200 songs by nearly 125 different artists, and managed to be censored once or twice.  Apparently the FCC doesn't like Chad's prison rape jokes.

Sadly, tonight's radio show is going to be the final one under The Lost Year's format.   We've played a lot of music from a pretty limited time frame, and instead of emptying the tank by replaying the same artists and introducing new songs that may not be Spy worthy, we're going to end the show before it gets old.

Here's how Jim Traber reacted when he heard the news.   It comes from his Twitter Page:

Nice long run on your radio show!! HAHAHAHA!! You guys are big time!!

Unfortunately for Jim, it looks like our absence on the Oklahoma City airwaves is going to be short-lived.  On tonight's final show, we will discuss our radio future, play some Non-Lost Years music and interview Joleen Chaney while she wears a bikini"¦maybe.

Anyway, check out the show tonight at 8:00 on 105.3 The Spy FM or just listen online at And for those of you who actually listened to our show either one a regular or occasional basis, thanks for supporting us and The Spy.  Both Ferris and I apologize for a lot of the things that Chad says.  He just doesn't know better.

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