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Nooooooooo! Not Schambach!

Earlier this week, we wrote that Melissa Maynarich is leaving Channel 9 because she went out and had a baby.  Now comes this disturbing news from Jessica Schambach's Facebook Page.   Thanks goes out to an Ogle Mole and some readers for the tip.

I do know that 40% of the time it's supposed to be a joyous occasion when somebody learns they are pregnant, and I guess for the Myers' Schambachs', this is one of those occasions, so congrats to them.  But damn, this sure does suck for us.

Seriously, how many hot news chicks are we going to lose to annoying babies?  Babies are only cool for the brief moment in time when they do something new like open their eyes, learn to crawl or smile.  Other than that, they are annoying and dangerous and command to much attention, and they pretty much stay that way until they are 18.

Plus "” as we mentioned on Tuesday - 95% of the time new babies make hot chicks un-hot or annoying.  Have you ever seen a hot chick after they have a baby?  They quit wearing make up, quit going to the gym, and count dipping their pizza in low-fat ranch dressing as dieting.  It's like they become a regular woman.

Anyway, we really hope that Schambach becomes part of that other 5%.  You know, the ones that become either MILFs or Cougars.  According to the videos that Clark Matthews keeps in an old shoe box in his closet, those girls kick ass!

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