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Ogle Madness III: Play In Game

Ogle Madness III tips off today with the play-in game between The Ghost of Ed. L. Gaylord vs The Ghost of Oral Roberts.

This battle should be very interesting.  It will be played at the old State Capital building in Guthrie.  The winner gets to play Olivia Munn next week.  Lucky.

About The Ghost of Ed Gaylord:

Conference:Former Scary Media Moguls

Who he is: Honestly, we always get this Gaylord confused with the old Gaylord who has a street named after him in Downtown OKC.  That probably means OKC had too many Gaylords.  Just ask Curtis Fitzpatrick.

Anyway, this ghost was the former publisher/owner/editor of the Oklahoman.  And unofficial king of Oklahoma City.

Biggest Strength: The ability to convince my grandfather that he still runs Oklahoma City.

Biggest Weakness: The ability to shape-shift.


About The Ghost of Oral Roberts

Conference: The Golden Hands

Who he is: Spirit of former TV evangelist Oral Roberts

Biggest Strength: The ability to raise money from other ghosts

Biggest Weakness: Getting to heaven


Anyway, there you have them. Vote for your favorite ghost after the jump.  Voting ends on Friday.

To take a look at the Ogle Madness Bracket, click here.  Also, thanks goes out to Bill Wasinger for sending the Ogle Madness Alba graphic our way.

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