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Name the “Oilers”

12:46 PM EST on February 22, 2010

Generally, when a new sports franchise comes to Oklahoma, we like to suggest a team names for their management to select from.  Want evidence?  Look here and here.

Now with Prodigal Hockey bringing an American Hockey League team to play at the Cox Convention Center, you would think we would do our normal thing and suggest they go by the "Pink Robots."

And in this case, the team supposedly wants suggestions.  They recently concluded a "Name the Team" competition that netted 20,000 possible team names.  That's a lot of suggestions, especially since they were only looking for at least one person to submit the "Oilers" as a team name.

Based on information obtained from the Ogle Mole Network, Prodigal really have no jursidiction in naming the team.  The franchise is an affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League, so the team is required to use the same moniker.

So why the complete farce of a "competition?"  Well, it actually is a fairly smart obvious way to generate interest in a sport that has totally been eclipsed by Oklahoma City becoming the home of an actual major league basketball team.  And, since Oklahomans are obsessed with oil, it was a safe bet that "Oilers" would be an option submitted...and if not, a friend of a Prodigal employee could easily turn in a card.

Now the real question is if this will escalate the tensions between Tulsa and Oklahoma City to finally become the armed conflict that is inevitable.  As most people former Blazer fans already know, the Tulsa Central Hockey League team is already named the Oilers.  And, considering the people that attend CHL games like violence and drinking simultaneously...I'd arm up OKC.

Unless, of course, the OMN is wrong.  In that case, is it too late to suggest they call the team the "Pink Robots?"

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