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Mary Fallin Likes Flip Flops

In 2004, John Kerry was the most derided man in Oklahoma.  Aside from the belief of many Oklahomans that the Massachusetts senator was the beneficiary of a massive military conspiracy to award an anti-war soldier with medals to aide him in becoming President thirty-five years later, he was mainly hated for "flip flopping."  The man's biggest weakness in the eyes of this electorate was that he was open minded.

Personally, I like that trait, but the fact that it is such a sore subject here finally gives me hope that Mary Fallin won't be our next governor.  You see, Mrs. Fallin has an open mind.  Whatever President Obama thinks, she will freely mold her opinion to oppose that.

For example:  Representative Fallin wrote this op-ed for The Edmond Life & Leisure in June of 2009.  In it she details the mistake the President was making in attempting to close the unconstitutional prison the United States is operating in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (referred to as "Gitmo.")  This was my favorite point she made: 

In New York, the FBI captured members of a terrorist cell who had been planning to bomb synagogues and shoot down airplanes with missiles. The would-be attackers had all been in prison, where they were in contact with radical Islamic inmates and reportedly became violent, radical converts themselves.

Let us diagram her argument.

1) People who were released from Gitmo later became involved with terrorists plots.
2) Those people were not terrorists when they were arrested (for being terrorists) and placed in jail, because...
3) In prison, they "were in contact with radical Islamic inmates and reportedly became violent, radical converts themselves." So...
4) Conclusion:  The United States has to maintain an illegal prison/de facto terrorist recruiting base and supply the prison with potential recruits, who therefore cannot be released because the U.S. government has put them in contact with terrorists.

Twisted logic, but logical nonetheless.  So, imagine my surprise when Representative Fallin tweeted this message at around 10:30 yesterday morning:

I don't think I'm jumping to conclusions to interpret that as her attacking the President for missing his self-imposed deadline to close the prison.  And not only does it read as if she is now in favor of closing Gitmo, it seems that she is upset it is taking so long.

So, does this mean a Kerry-like backlash against the gubernatorial candidate?

Not a chance.  The truth is that she really just wants to attack President Obama, and even more, her constituents don't care that the attack is in contradiction to her own position.  It shows the way that the President can improve his poll numbers and actually get his agenda passed with bipartisan support.  Start making every day "Opposite Day."

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