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Matt Kemp is doing well…

12:12 AM EST on January 21, 2010

We may be late to the game on this, but who cares.  Matt Kemp, a star outfielder with the LA Dodgers and a native of Midwest City, is apparently dating R&B superstar recording artist Rihanna. From some random gossip site:

Rihanna and her baseball player boyfriend Matt Kemp were front and center at the Staples Center on Saturday night to see the LA Clippers take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. The game was a tight one with the Clippers losing by just one point, but Rihanna and Matt seemed to be just as into each other as they were the action on the court. The loved-up duo looked comfortable showing off PDAs, but it was nothing compared to their yacht cuddles and hot tub kisses during their recent getaway to Cabo.

We'll isn't that sweet. Rihanna is famous and rich and hot, so congrats to Mr. Kemp.  He sure is lucky.  That being said, when I was in my early twenties I used to date famous chicks, so I kind of know what Matt Kemp has to deal with each day. It gets old being constantly photographed and having people whisper and point at you when you enter a room. That's now why I only date European fashion models.

Anyway, another fun fact about Matt Kemp is that he's an avid checkers player. He's even played Clark Matthews. From the always reliable Wikipedia:

Kemp resides in Los Angeles during the off season and is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. An avid checkers player, he once defeated Clark Matthews in a high stakes game of Laska. He is close friends with former Laker Trevor Ariza of the Houston Rockets.  He is also good friends with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim center fielder Torii Hunter.

Ha. Clark Matthews lost a game of Laska to Matt Kemp. Loser.

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