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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Paul Folger

12:00 AM EST on December 14, 2009


Who he is: Paul Folger

What he does: 10pm News anchor for KOCO Channel 5

Why Approve: If I worked next to Jessica Schambach, I'd either melt or spend my entire day drooling.  Not only has Paul Folger not yet melted, but he's actually been able to finish 98% of his news broadcast without drooling on the paperwork.

He also likes dogs.

Why Disapprove: The guy has been busted checking out Jessica Schambach's rack, plus he seems like the type of guy you'd see at a Pampered Chef party.  A cool news anchor would never get caught doing either one of those things.

Last Week's Result: Only 46% of Lost Ogle readers approve of Brent Skarky. In all honesty, that's higher than I thought it would be.  However, only 200 people voted in the poll.   I guess people don't care about the Skarkster, either.

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