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Whole Foods is coming OKC…NOT…MAYBE

10:00 AM EDT on September 1, 2009


On Friday, KWTV Channel 9 "Exclusively" reported that Whole Foods will be opening a location in the OKC metro area within the next 16 months.  Not so fast said OKC Biz.

Whole Foods corporate: No plans for Oklahoma City store

Responding to online reports stating Oklahoma City would land a Whole Foods Market, a corporate spokesperson told just the opposite.

"We do not have any plans at the moment for a store in Oklahoma City,"  Laura Zappi, associate marketing coordinator for Whole Foods Market Southwest, said. "I will "¦ update in case we have any new information in the future."

I'm having trouble identifying the bigger story here.  Is it Channel 9 getting the story wrong, or OKC Biz actually reporting news?  Seriously, OKC Biz is a pretty magazine and all that, but it seems like the only "news" it publishes are articles about social media experts and day-in-the-life diaries of people more boring and more self important than you.  I'm pretty sure it also publishes one of those "ADVERTISE WITH US!" 40 Under 40 lists.

Anyway, back to Whole Foods.  I don't know what the big deal is about that place.  I'm sure it's nice and everything, but if Tulsa has one, it can't be too great.  What we should really do is focus on bringing a Central Market to Oklahoma City.  That place kicks Whole Foods' ass.

However, none of that is really worth debating.  Upscale grocery chains like Whole Foods and Central Market make a large chunk of profits through wine sales. And if you remember correctly, it's illegal for them to sell wine in Oklahoma, because selling wine at a store where you can also buy oranges, cheese and salmon is immoral and wrong.  Since that's the case, these stores are probably better off expanding in markets where they can sell wine and thus, make more money.  And I guess you can't really blame them for that.

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