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Yeah, we're aware of this story. Unfortunately, though, it's kind of difficult to write something clever about a topic that involves murder, drug abuse and the fall of a hot blonde chick.  From NewsOK:

A woman jailed in connection with an Oklahoma City home invasion death posted a MySpace blog describing herself as a witness to the slaying and blaming the situation on drugs.

Terri Nicole Rehm, 23, apparently posted the blog about 6 a.m. Tuesday on her MySpace page before she surrendered to police later that morning. She remained at the Oklahoma County jail this morning without bail on complaints of murder and robbery with a firearm in connection with the June 25 shooting death of Richard Bradley Tucker, 38, at 6107 Belle Dr...

Rehm describes herself as a divorced cocktail waitress on her MySpace page and says she "loves modeling." On her profile page and photo albums are pictures of her in bikinis and posing with friends, along with a description of herself she wrote at age 21.

In the blog posted Tuesday, Rehm tells her family she loves them and that she's sorry. There were many times she wanted to open up to them, she wrote, but she was afraid they "wouldn't understand or I would have gotten an earful."

Yeah, there's nothing funny about this.  About the only humorous thing I can find is that apparently The Oklahoman now has people scouring MySpace pages for dirt and pictures of hot chicks.  I always thought that was our job.

Anyway, if you feel like being ultra depressed, you should check out all of the blogs on Terri's MySpace Page.  They are difficult to read, but do a great job chronicling her fall into addiction and depression, and how those things affected her and the people around her.  Seriously, they should probably become required reading in all D.A.R.E. classes.

And if you want to be really really depressed, check out some of Terri's low budget modeling pics.  She could have totally been Ms. Rocklahoma material.

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