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Ogle Madness II: East Region, Lower Bracket!

8:00 PM EDT on March 10, 2009


Today's match-ups come from the lower half of the East Region.  They will be played at the Mountain Vista Cabin near Beavers Bend State Park.

"¢ (6) Al Eschbach vs. (11) Ree Drummond
"¢ (3) Jessica Schambach vs. (14) Boomer and Sooner
"¢ (7) Glenn Coffee vs. (10) David Cook
"¢ (2) Cardboard Jim Traber vs. (15) Custer County Sheriff

Find out a little bit about each person or terrible mascot and vote after the jump.  Voting ends at midnight tonight.

(6) Al Eschbach vs. (11) Ree Drummond

About Al Eschbach:


Conference: Height Challenged Sports Junkies

Who he is: Longtime sports talk host and alleged journalist.

Biggest Strength: Making University of Oklahoma coaches happy with his biased reporting.

Biggest Weakness: NBA basketball knowledge and tendency to use swim trunks as gym shorts.


About Ree Drummond:


Conference: Mommy Bloggers of Oklahoma

Who she is: The Pioneer Woman

Biggest Strength: Lasagna recipes.

Biggest Weakness: She has none.*

*This is to keep all the mommy bloggers from crashing our site.


(3) Jessica Schambach vs. (14) Boomer and Sooner

About Jessica Schambach:


Conference: Hot News Chicks

Who she is: Evening anchorwomen for Channel 5

Biggest Strength: Distracting Paul Folger.

Biggest Weakness: Answering our love letters.


About Boomer and Sooner:


Conference: Atrocious Mascots

Who they are: The ambiguously gay ponies who entertain Sooner football crowds and are better known as The Horse Pigs.

Biggest Strength: Scaring small children and the elderly.

Biggest Weakness: Giving OSU fans endless fodder.


(7) Glenn Coffee vs. (10) David Cook

About Glenn Coffee:

Conference: Republican Guard

Who he is: President Pro Temp of the Oklahoma Senate.

Biggest Strength: Charming constituents, friends and even enemies!

Biggest Weakness: Herpes Simplex II


About David Cook:

Conference: American Idol Alumni

Who he is: Ghey rock superstar and winner of American Idol

Biggest Strength: Appearing on the cover of Oklahoma Magazine...

Biggest Weakness: Bumping us from the cover of Oklahoma Magazine...


(2) Cardboard Jim Traber vs. (15) The Custer County Sheriff

About Cardboard Jim Traber:


Conference: The Total Dominance League

Who he is: The ultimate cardboard cut out.

Biggest Strength: Sports knowledge and ability to charm the masses.

Biggest Weakness: The cardboard colon.


About The Custer County Sheriff:

Conference: Alleged jailhouse sex-slave masters

Who he is: Mike Burgess

Biggest Strength: Living and acting out scenes from late night Cinemax prison flicks.

Biggest Weakness: Keeping it quiet.

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