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Apparently, the state’s “Most Trusted News” doesn’t want you to know that Aubrey McClendon is selling booze…

12:12 PM EST on February 12, 2009

Last week, we linked to a post at the Wall Street Journal that reported Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon is allegedly selling a portion of his gazillion-dollar wine collection. We found the story through a post by Don Mecoy at the Business Blog.

For some reason, though, the post by Mecoy is no longer online.  It appears that it's been mysteriously removed from However, thanks to Google cache you can still see the post. Here it is:

Hmmn. I wonder why the post was removed? The Wall Street Journal's story is still up, so I assume the report about McClendon is accurate. And it's not like Don Mecoy wrote anything bad or libelous. In fact, it was a pretty soft piece that just stated the facts and was void of any biting commentary.

It kind of makes you wonder if The Oklahoman was pressured by Aubrey McClendon (or his friend Clay Bennett) to remove the post. If that's the case, is that the behavior and policy you would expect from a publication that claims to be "state's most trusted news?" Something tells me a "trusted" new organization would stand by a story that reflects the (deteriorating?) wealth of one of our state's wealthiest citizens, regardless of who he happens to be friends or business partners with.

In my opinion, this is just more proof that you can't really trust The Oklahoman. Aubrey McClendon could force a group of imprisoned midget rowers to tend to his indulgent wine collection and The Oklahoman would probably just write a story about everything he has done for midgets and the rowing community. It could be raining the day of the OPUBOC employee picnic and The Oklahoman would probably change the weather report to "Sunny and Beautiful" just to get more people to show up.   And they would do all that because they not only like to report the news, but control it, too.

That state's most trusted news?  Whatever.

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