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Russell Westbrook Wants to Be in the Dunk Contest “Kinda Bad”

For the first time ever, the NBA is giving the fans a "say" in who participates in the slam dunk contest during All Star weekend.  By "say", that means fans can vote between three rookies to determine who joins two previous champions, Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson, and Rudy Gay for the competition.  Those three rookies are Milwaukee's Joe Alexander, Portland's Rudy Fernandez, and our own Russell Westbrook.

My intention for today was to provide the link and implore everyone to help Westbrook out with a late barrage of votes, but I'm not sure he really wants to play.  After watching the videos Sprite posted to promote the online competition, it does not appear that Westbrook's heart is in the campaign.  He refused to show his desire by eating a bug, struck out trying to make up a song expressing his wish, half-assedly raps, and can only come up with the fact that he's undersized to convince people to roll out on his behalf.

Rudy Fernandez, on the other hand, was plenty willing to make a fool of himself musically, and Joe Alexander whipped up a impromptu Blues ballad.  It gave me the feeling those guys want it a lot more.  So, if you do decide to go through the process of helping Russell out before today's deadline, this is the best case I can make for him:

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