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2008 Lost Ogle ‘Douche Bag of the Year’: Sally Kern

Usually, the term "Douche Bag" is a label we only place on guys.  You know, guys like Dave Morris, John Paul Merritt or the tool who publishes College Crowd.  However, there is one female out there who deserves that very male-centric designation.  Her name is Sally Kern...and the fact that she can even be considered a douche bag is a good enough reason to name her our 2008 Lost Ogle "Douche Bag of the Year."

But...that's not why Sally earned this honor.  That has to do with the embarrassing anti-gay remarks she made last spring. The remarks were so bad that some corporations questioned even if they should relocate to Oklahoma City.  The thought of our state losing jobs, though,  hasn't stopped Sally.  In a recent podcast interview with some obscure local social blog, Sally pressed on with her draconian, right wing, anti-tolerance hate-speak agenda.

So because of that ignorant agenda, and her amazing ability to make people hear it, Sally Kern is our 2008 Douche Bag of the Year.

P.s.- Let it be known that the Sally Kern having a 32 year old "non gay" celibate son who is a music teacher and practices metaphysics had nothing to do with Sally earning this award.  We just think it's funny and ironic that one of the biggest homophobes in the world has a child who could get a job as a Channel 5 newanchor in a heartbeat.  And to quote the greatest TV show ever, "not that there's anything wrong with that."

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