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More about those Blake Griffin in drag photos…

12:02 AM EST on December 9, 2008

Last week, we posted some photos of Blake Griffin frolicking through a field in a blond wig, pink halter top and little green skirt. Since that day, our site has seen a little jump in traffic, as just about every Rival's message board, sports blog and even a Sports Illustrated power poll has published the pictures.

When I first posted the silly little pics, I had no clue where or what they were from. Hell, I wasn't even sure they were really of Blake Griffin. All I knew is that some person emailed them to me and I posted them the following day. However, after an email exchange with a person in the know, this is what I've learned about the photos:

"¢ They were taken when Blake Griffin was 15

"¢ The photos were from a "Back to School" video skit performed by the OCS Student Tech team.

"¢ Blake was (probably) impersonating a female upperclassman

"¢ There is a chance that OCS owns the rights to the pictures

Anyway, that hopefully puts the pictures into some context, and helps quell any rumors that Blake is a blazing cross dresser. However, it really doesn't explain why his brother Taylor posted a picture of himself like the one above on his MySpace Page. It also doesn't explain why our former editor Tony has a Blake Griffin room in his house that is very similar to the John Malkovich room in Being John Malkovich. Honestly, all of that is kind of creepy.

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