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Lost Ogle Endorsement: Dana Murphy for Corporation “Commisioner”

We try not to get too political here at The Lost Ogle, but after watching Dana Murphy's most recent campaign ad, we figured the time was right to endorse her for Corporation Commision. Granted, we don't know what a "commisioner" does, but as long as spelling isn't a prerequisite, we figure Murphy is well qualified.

Seriously, how do you misspell the office you are running for in your own campaign ad? Instead of harassing Jim Roth with questions at some rally, maybe this boring sad girl should go ask Dana that question. She should also ask if Dana would hire someone if they misspelled "corporation commission" on their resume.

Anyway, since a corporation commision doesn't exist, we'll go ahead and endorse Jim Roth over Murphy to be the real Corporation Commissioner. We like Jim for a bunch of reasons. He posed for a picture with Cardboard Jim Traber at a gay pride festival. He was the topic of our third post. He counts paper clips.

And we bet he knows how to spell his job title.

p.s."“ Considering how well they spell stuff, I guess it's no surprise that Murphy graduated from Oklahoma State. She also went to the OCU law school. I doubt she would have been able to get into our proposed "College of Advanced Law."

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