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We’re getting closer to knowing the “official” Oklahoma Rock n Roll song…

Yesterday, we received a press release inviting us to attend the unveiling of the 10 finalists for the Official Rock n Roll Song of Oklahoma. Once the finalists are announced, it will be up to public to choose the winner. Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend the function, but here are the details in case you want to pretend you're a member of the media and head down there.

WHAT: Announcement of the ten finalists for the Official Rock 'n Roll Song of Oklahoma.

WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008 at 2:30 p.m.

WHERE: Chesapeake Event Center at the Oklahoma History Center, 2401 N. Laird Avenue

WHO: The announcement will be made by our selection committee consisting of Dr. Hugh Foley of Rogers State University, Angie DeVore of DFEST Music Festival, Lacey Lett of The Buzz and OklaTravelNews, Steve Ripley of The Tractors, Ronnie Kaye of KOMA and Ryan LaCroix of Also serving on the committee but unable to be in attendance is Phil Bacharach of Governor Brad Henry's staff.

Is anyone else a little bit worried about this thing? I'm terrified that the committee is going to choose a bunch of terrible songs that are only enjoyed by the stale 50-year-olds who planned the boring centennial parade. Either that or they are going to just commission Vince Gill and Amy Grant to write the state's official rock song. That sure would be great.

If you're not worried, just look at the people on the selection committee. Sure, Honorary Ogle Ryan knows his stuff and Lacey Lett is kind of hot and has to worry about Brent Skarky hitting on her all the time, but the rest of the committee frightens the hell out of me. Ronnie Kaye? When he was a kid he played with real life stegosauruses. Steve Ripley of The Tractors? WTF are The Tractors? Hell, they even have a guy named Bacharach on the committee. Are you kidding me? Having the last name Bacharach should automatically disqualify you from getting to choose music at a frat party, much less a state's Rock n Roll song.

Anyway, at least the the only job of the committee is to give us 10 songs to pick from. Granted, we'll probably screw it up like we did the state quarter design and pick some Hinder song and then have a re-vote, but at least we get to vote, right? Maybe if the wrong song is chosen Brent Rinehart will make a comic book about it.

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