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OU vs. Chatanooga Betting Lines

Last year, we posted a betting guide for the OU and OSU season openers. Besides giving our opinion on the point spreads, we also posted a bunch of exotic bets. Here are some highlights on the OU side of things:

+/- 5: How many Sam Bradford incomplete passes it will take before 80,000+ people scream for Keith Nichol to be put in the game.

8-1: That there is "only one" Joe John Finley.

40-1: That all non-OU graduates in attendance at the North Texas game refuse to sing "Alma Mater's Praise," resulting in only 1,723 people singing.

100-1: Under heavy pressure from President Boren, the Pride of Oklahoma performs classic 70s hits from Barbara Streisand.

I'm glad nobody posted this thing over at OU Insider, because if they did, we probably could have lost a lot of money from people taking the under on the Sam Bradford thing. Anyway, after the jump I have our exotic bets for the OU season opener against Chattanooga. I would have included some for OSU, too, but fortunately our OSU expert Clark Matthews never emailed them too me.

3 to 2: Chattanooga gets less than 5 first downs:
2-1: OU plays in a "great" way
3-1: Sarah flashes Sam Bradford
5-1: Bob Barry Sr. says either: a) Tampon Springs, Flordia b) Incompletion...Touchdown! c) Chattahoochee
10 to 1: Bob Barry Jr. defends his dad the following Monday on The Sports Animal
15 to 1: The OU band performs "Thriller" (again) during halftime and thinks its cool
20 to 1: DeMarcus Granger steals an orange jacket from a member of the chain crew
30 to 1: Jenna Plumley steals some eye black from DeMarcus Granger
35 to 1: Josh Jarboe raps the National Anthem
40 to 1: There is "only one" Rhett Bomar
50 to 1: James Hale gets an erection during the postgame press conference
100 to 1: Clark Matthews gets an erection during the postgame press conference
150 to 1: Chattanooga wears special commemorative Appalachian State jerseys
82,112 to 1: The people inside Gaylord Memorial Stadium commit a mass suicide if OU loses

Over and Under:
0: Chattanooga players who could start for Oklahoma
8: Chattanooga players who could start for Jenks or Tulsa Union
10: Chattanooga players who could start for Washington State
12: Beers I drink before the game on campus corner
15,000: People who sneak alcohol into the stadium
20,000: People who yell "Sooners" at the end of the national anthem
25,000: People who leave the stadium before the start of the 4th quarter

Well, that's all I got. To place a bet, click here. To submit your own exotic bets, leave a comment.

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