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Devon Energy likes big skyscrapers

Earlier this morning, Devon Energy released the mock ups for the new skyscraper that they plan to build in Downtown Oklahoma City. The whole thing has given Oklahoman downtown business writer Steve Lackmeyer a raging hard on. From one of his many posts written about the Skyscraper at

Curtains just pulled from models. Crowd applause. Oohs and ahs. People are pretty happy right now.

Pickard: "We are endeavoring to build a beacon."


925 feet tall

54 floors

1.9 million square feet of space

"it's one of the most substantive projects Mr. Hines and Pickard and Chilton have ever been involved in."

I think it's pretty cool that we are going to have a 925ft addition to our downtown skyline. My only complaint "“ besides the fact that we'll have to some day design a new header graphic for this website"“ is that the building may be too big. Seriously, it sticks out like Kevin Ogle in a room full of Al Eschbachs. On second thought, maybe that's not too bad of a thing.

Anyway, I guess big, phallic skyscrapers being built in our Downtown is just another step we have taken towards becoming a big league city. Something tells me that if our city didn't do the right thing about 15 years ago and pass the MAPS tax, and get things like Bricktown and the NBA, companies like Devon wouldn't be constructing new buildings in Downtown. I guess one penny really can go a long way, just like good looks and being born into money.

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