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Worst of OKC: Worst Sporting Event

See that picture? That's the old logo for the defunct Oklahoma Coyotes Semi-Pro Roller Hockey Team. If I remember correctly, some dumb rich guy built a restaurant with a huge roller hockey rink called Billy Balloos (picture here and here) near NW Expressway and Rockwell in hopes of luring the franchise to play its home games there.  Sadly, both the restaurant and hockey league failed miserably. Imagine that.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because the Oklahoma City Coyotes may have been the worst ever organized sporting event to take place in Oklahoma City...worse than even the five sporting events listed after the jump.

Car Racing at the State Fair Speedway
I went to the fairgrounds races once. I left with a mullet, confederate flag tattoo and dirt in my teeth. The mullet was actually kind of nice.

Oklahoma City Blazers Ice Hockey
The mid-1990's"¦a time when our mayor was a sports anchor, everyone had a unique pager code and going to a low level semi-pro Hockey game was considered fun. Man, times sure have changed. Now the only time you'll find me near a Blazers game is if I'm going to a Hornets-Sonics-Thunder game or thinking of committing suicide through boredom. Seriously, the construction of the relocated Laredo's moves quicker than a Blazer's game.

Oklahoma City Lightning Women's Football
Girls playing football is actually kind of cool"¦when it involves oil and bikinis. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), our OKC Lightning doesn't really fit that category.

Oklahoma City University Women's Wrestling
See OKC Lightning. Replace the word "football" with "wrestling."

Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz Arena II Football
The talent level of the OKC Yard Dawgz (yes, that's them) is so low that they would probably be beat by the Jenks Junior Varsity Arena Football Team. At least they seem to have semi-amusing mascots.

p.s.-Apologies to the Jenks Junior Varsity Arena Football Team for using the word "probably."

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