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Worst of OKC: Worst Website

12:00 AM EDT on August 5, 2008

This was a tough category, because it gave us our first moral dilemma: do we include ourselves in a "Worst Of" category?

Quick answer: No!

Check out who we included as nominees for the "Worst Oklahoma Website" after the jump.
If you visit Dean's website, beware! It has the standard bad website stuff: monthly updates, sick man crushes on tennis stars, odd cartoons that weren't even funny in 2003, the erotica of Toby Rowland. But know what makes it really bad? There's a decent chance that if you go there either you or your computer are going to contract a virus.
This site is pretty much just a message board where vultures take a topic like "Who will win the AFC West?" and turn it into some boring thread about bedlam baseball. Besides the forum, also includes pictures of Jim's family, his wife's favorite recipes, an advertisement for something called a ramjack, and this gem, how to break in a baseball glove.

Take shaving cream and rub it over the entire inside of the glove - inside the glove only! Put a ball in the pocket and fold the glove the way you want it to sit. Take two long tube socks and wrap them tightly around the glove, one at the top and one at the bottom. Leave it for 24 hours, unwrap it, wipe it off and play catch for 20 minutes. Repeat steps once more and then you're glove is ready.

Mike McCarville Report
Honestly, I kind of like old Mike McCarville. However, his site is kind of hard to navigate, plus he's an ultra left wing liberal and seems a bit too fascinated with those semi-nude pictures of Sherri Coale.*
This website is apparently the authority for all things Boomer Sooner. And when I say the authority for all things Boomer Sooner, I really mean thousands of people paying James Hale $5 a month to wear crimson colored glasses and tell them that some 17-year-old, five-star, golden boy, superstar, all prep stud from Mesquite, Texas is thinking about choosing Oklahoma over Texas A&M.
Honestly, we are still having a hard time determining WTF is Wimgo. We know they have videos of Thunder Tramel marveling at our lack of traffic. We know they have "paid contractors" posting a bunch of the events. But what we didn't know until today is that they are trying to take over the world. From a job opening at

The Community Engagement intern reports to the Community Engagement managers as well as director, and is employed to assist Community Engagement team in the daily support of their clients as well as the users of wimgo and the wimgo satellite network. Additionally, the Community Engagement Intern will work closely with the Community Engagement team to ensure smooth running of the department.

Yeah, lost in the "Community Engagement" stuff was this nugget: "wimgo satellite network." Yeah, I think only Gary England can save us now.

*No, there aren't really semi-nude pictures of Sherri Coale on that site. Oh, and Mike McCarville isn't a left-wing liberal, either.

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