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Worst of OKC: Worst Place to Take a Date


There are lots of things that can lead to a date being bad. Things like weak drinks, expensive food and not getting laid. Sometimes, where you go on a date can lead to those problems. Vote for the "Worst Place to Take a Date" after the jump.


Honestly, I've never been to Angles or any gay club, yet I've drug a cardboard cutout of a bigoted sports radio host to a Pride festival. Strange, huh? Anyway, our friends at Look at OKC decided to visit there on June 21 to show us what a gay club is like on the inside. Here is one example:

I don't care if you're gay, straight or Brent Skarky. Who in the world would want to go on a date to a place like that?

The Lost Underground Chinese City

Unless you like opium and grilled dachshunds, the lost underground Chinese city hidden beneath downtown should be avoided.

OPUBCO Cafeteria

According to our Lost Ogle moles in the Dark Tower, the OPUBCO cafeteria plays Falcon Five O songs during lunch and it serves vegan food exclusively for George Lang. They also let Mr. Monday host an open mike night on Tuesdays. It's just a place that should be avoided.

Tinseltown USA

Tinsletown is tricky. It's cheap and it's really not that bad of a theater. The only deal is you have to convince your date that you're doing something really dangerous and exhilarating. You know, sell them on the fact that you like to live on the edge. If that doesn't work, they'll realize that you're taking them to a cheap movie theater on the Northeast side of Oklahoma City.

Toby Keith's "I Love this Bar and Grill"

Remember when Bricktown used to be cool? Then they let Bass Pro Shops and Toby Keith move in and it started going down hill. Seriously, now the only people who seem to care about Bricktown are Steve Lackmeyer and people who like to complain about parking.

Anyway, I know that has nothing to do with why "I Can't Stand This Bar And Grill's Idiotic Owner" is a nominee, but does it really need an explanation?

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