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Jerry Giordano is happy…

Jerry Giordano is the weekend anchor for some TV channel up in Tulsa. Here is a little section of his bio found over at KTUL News Channel 8:

When he's not a work, you will probably find Jerry at home.

Yeah. I think the Tulsa Police Department would probably disagree with that statement, because according to them, you can also find Jerry crashing cars into yards. From an AP story about Jerry being arrested on both DUI and Hit & Run charges:

The police report notes that an area resident heard a collision from inside his home and chased a car driven by Giordano for two blocks before the car crashed in a yard.

The police report states that Giordano acknowledged he had been drinking.

I don't know too much about Jerry Giordano, but I do know this: his mugshot is going to be more damaging to his career than the actual DUI and hit & run charges. Seriously, he looks like a cross between a jolly Remington Park jockey and a gay drifter. To ever get back on TV, he's probably going to have to move to China or just go to KSBI Channel 52. You know, someplace where nobody in Oklahoma will be able to watch him.

Thanks to honorary Ogle Ryan from Oklahoma Rock for the tip.

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