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Ogle Madness: FINAL FOUR!!!


Here is what we said on March 3rd when we announced Ogle Madness. It's some Pulitzer worthy stuff:

Ogle Madness is our very own gimmicky spin-off of the NCAA March Madness tournament bracket. Basically, we took 65 of Oklahoma's best and brightest "celebrities," and seeded and placed them into four regions. Starting Monday, we will post match-ups and let our readers vote on which celeb they want to advance to the next round. The celeb with the most votes advances, while the loser is sent home. The tournament will continue until the championship game on April 21st, where Oklahoma's top celebrity will be crowned.

Wow. Isn't it kind of impressive that we actually got to this point? When we got the idea for Ogle Madness, we had no clue if people would vote or if we had the discipline to post the match-ups each day. Now 60 "games" and 17,000 votes later we can say it looks like it worked (and it worked despite the valiant attempts by Brent Skarky, some employee at Bob Mill's Furniture, a seductive drunk girl, and Newcastle Brown Ale to bring it down).

Anyway, to today's Final Four games being played at the soon to be renovated Ford Center. Here they are.

(2) Sam Bradford, East Champion, vs (1) Amy McRee, Midwest Champion

(2) Lauren Richardson, South Champion, vs (3) Wayne Coyne, West Champion

For the Final Four, voting will last until 5:00pm Thursday. Vote after the jump!

About Sam Bradford:

Conference: OU Quarterbacks (AKA the "People More Important Than Governors" Conference)

Who he is: The Most Popular Student At The University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Looking confused and throwing to receivers who are wide open

Biggest Weakness: Road Games

Fun Fact: His kidnapping was the main plot line in an installment of the Justice League of Oklahoma.


About Amy McRee:

Conference: The Float the Illinois River League chill at Lake Arcadia league

Who she is: 10pm Anchor for KWTV Channel 9

Biggest Strength: Her eyes...and friends.

Biggest Weakness: Lack of piercings.

Fun Fact: You will often find her emceeing local events around town or playing in charity golf tournaments.



About Lauren Richardson:

Conference: Local Media

Who she is: KOKH Reporter

Biggest Strength: Looks. Personality. Has a twin sister.

Biggest Weakness: Keeping her cherry in place. Log rolling.

Fun Fact: Lauren hails from the O.C. and is the daughter and granddaughter of professional golfers. To be clear, her father and grandfather are not the same person, sick-o!


About Wayne Coyne:

Conference: Amazing Oklahoma Musicians

Who he is: Lead singer of the Flaming Lips

Biggest Strength: Writing odd-ball tunes about the beauty of life, death and robot Jesus statues playing checkers on Mars.

Biggest Weakness: Has appeared in the Justice League of Oklahoma, Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Two of those were voluntary.

Fun Fact: The Flaming Lips' album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is being transformed into a Broadway play written by Aaron Sorkin.


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