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Ogle Madness Sweet 16: West Regional

12:01 AM EDT on April 3, 2008


Today is the final day of the Ogle Madness Sweet 16. Today's games are from the unpredictable West Region. The games are being played at H. H. Champlin Mansion in Enid. Here they are:

(4) Jessica Schambach vs. (9) Jaime Ceretta

(2) Bob Stoops vs. (3) Wayne Coyne

When we first announced the seedings for Ogle Madness, there were some grumbles that the West Region may be the weakest. When you look at these two games, that's now pretty hard to justify. Vote after the jump. And tomorrow, check out Tony's recap and Elite 8 preview.

(4) Jessica Schambach vs. (9) Jaime Ceretta

About Jessica Schambach:


Conference: Hot TV Chicks

Who she is: 5pm and 10pm anchor for Channel 5

Biggest Strength: The ability to improve.

Biggest Weakness: Jessica is married. She is also a native Texan.

Fun Fact: Jessica volunteers at the Northside YMCA, raising money for the Strong Kids Campaign. She also enjoys taking boot camp, body sculpting and cycling classes there, too. To get a membership at the Northside YMCA, do what my perverted roommate just did and register online.


About Jamie Ceretta:

Conference: Hot TV Chicks

Who she is: Evening anchor for the Fox News at 9

Biggest Strength: Lunges

Biggest Weakness: Accepting green St. Patrick's Day shots from total strangers

Fun Fact: Those shots are expensive!



(2) Bob Stoops vs. (3) Wayne Coyne

About Bob Stoops:

Conference: The Bud, Barry and Bob 3

Who he is: Football Coach, University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Making the testicles of local reporters retreat into their body cavities.

Biggest Weakness: Winning BCS games, avoiding pyramid schemes.

Fun Fact: Both he and marijuana are often smoked in bowls


About Wayne Coyne:

Conference: Amazing Oklahoma Musicians

Who he is: Lead singer of the Flaming Lips

Biggest Strength: Writing odd-ball tunes about the beauty of life, death and robot Jesus statues playing checkers on Mars.

Biggest Weakness: Has appeared in the Justice League of Oklahoma, Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Two of those were voluntary.

Fun Fact: He has smoked a lot of marijuana in bowls.


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