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Ogle Madness! East Region, Second Round

12:00 AM EDT on March 24, 2008

After two weeks, 32 match-ups and over 9,500 votes, the second round of Ogle Madness gets started today with a slate of games from the East Region. But...before we totally dive into the "Field of 32", lets review some highlights from the first round:

Biggest Upset: (12) Brent Skarky over (5) Dean Blevins, 136-126

Notes: In the NCAA tournament, a 5 beats a 12 almost every year. It holds true in Ogle Madness, too. Also, I'm not sure if this is coincidence or not, but Skarky got a lot of votes on the same day we were getting a bunch of search engine traffic on Sally Kern stuff. I'm just saying...

Closest Game: The Morning Animals over Tony, 132-130

Notes: Tony blew a big first half lead in this one. It is rumored that Nichols Gallardia inspired his legion of plebes and commoners to vote.

Biggest Blowout: Lauren Richardson over Oral Roberts, 236-40

Notes: Nobody thought that the Oral-Richardson battle would be close, but we thought that some of our Tulsa readers may vote for their home town boy. We thought wrong!

Most Surprising Blowout: Rick & Brad over Jack & Ron, 294-91

Notes: Jack and Ron allegedly have the most popular morning show in Oklahoma City. You would have thought that their fans would have been more supportive.

Most Surprisingly Close Game: Mike Beckett over Hinder, 194-146

Notes: This is why anonymity the Internet is great. In Ogle Madness, you can not only support Hinder without being made fun of, but you can also cast a vote for a man who ripped off another man's scrotum. Life sure is great!

Anyway, enough with the nostalgia. Here are the games from the second round of the East Regional. These games will all be played at the Marvel Family Camping Resort in Gore. The winners advance to the the Sweet 16 in Tulsa.

    • (1) Gary England vs. (8) Kevin Ogle
    • (4) Berry Tramel vs. (5) Sunni Kate Golloway
    • (3) Chuck Norris vs. (11) Taul Paul
    • (2) Sam Bradford vs. (7) Jim Traber

You can check out the details of each match-up and cast your votes after the jump. Voting is allowed until midnight tonight. Be sure to check us out tomorrow to vote for the second round battles from the Midwest Region.

(1) Gary England vs. (8) Kevin Ogle

About Gary England:

Conference: Meteorologists

Who he is: The world's foremost expert on Tornadoes, the man who brought us "Those Terrible Twisters."

Biggest Strength: Keeping us advised.

Biggest Weakness: As of the date of this publishing, TheLostOgle has not been able to confirm any weaknesses.

Fun Fact: Gary was actually instrumental in convincing news stations to use Doppler Radar for the purpose of tracking storms. He also came up with the idea to put the stupid state map in the corner of our TV screen during any major or minor weather event.


About Kevin Ogle:

Conference: The Greater Ogle

Who he is: KFOR 6 and 10 PM News Anchor

Biggest Strength: His last name and ability to read all viewer e-mail sent to "The Rant" without putting a pitchfork through his eyeballs.

Biggest Weakness: Often overshadowed by his brother Kelly. Tarnished the Ogle family name when he was severely beaten up by an enraged Linda Cavanaugh in what is now called "The Great Teleprompter Incident of 1997."

Fun Fact: At the KFOR office, he sometimes referred to as "The Actual Lost Ogle" (This is, in fact, an error. That is Kent.)



(4) Berry Tramel vs. (5) Sunni Kate Golloway

About Berry Tramel:

Conference: The Black Tower League

Who he is: Probably the best sports columnist at The Oklahoman, which is kind of like being the prettiest fat girl Rok Bar on a Saturday night. Recently, he sold out and joined the Total Dominance Hour on The Sport Animal.

Biggest Strength: His writing style and ability.

Biggest Weakness: His voice.

Fun Fact: Berry should never be put in charge of naming a professional sports franchise.


About Sunni Kate Golloway:

Conference: Flesh

Who she is: Daughter of Oklahoma Baseball Coach Sunny Golloway

Biggest Strength: Working out "daddy issues" in a positive way.

Biggest Weakness: Adhering to the rules of selecting a porn name. The last name is supposed to be the street you grow up on, not an abbreviation of your actual name. Gosh, everybody knows that!

Fun Fact: She still hasn't accepted our MySpace friend request.



(3) Chuck Norris vs. (11) Taul Paul

About Chuck Norris:

Conference: Oklahoma Badass

Who he is: Chuck Norris

Biggest Strength: Extracting souls using his perfectly white teeth

Biggest Weakness: Campaign managing

Fun Fact: Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.


About Tall Paul:

Conference: Retro Commercial League

What it is: The face of Paul Meade Insurance

Biggest Strength: Protecting all the things you own; like cars and trucks and mobile homes; Accidents and tickets, too; Call and (he'll) take care of you

Biggest Weakness: Remembering his phone number

Fun Fact: Clark Matthews has not seen one of these commercials on television since before he was of legal driving age, and he can still call Paul Meade Insurance. 524-1541, bitches!



(2) Sam Bradford vs. (7) Jim Traber

About Sam Bradford:

Conference: OU Quarterbacks (AKA the "People More Important Than Governors" Conference)

Who he is: The Most Popular Student At The University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Looking confused and throwing to receivers who are wide open

Biggest Weakness: Road Games

Fun Fact: His kidnapping was the main plot line in an installment of the Justice League of Oklahoma.


About Jim Traber:

Conference: The Sports Animal

Who he is: A fine individual, if he does say so himself

Biggest Strength: Ego

Biggest Weakness: Temper

Fun Fact: He had emergency surgery last week after suffering a ruptured colon from diverticulitis. Get well Jim.


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